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Frank Wo/Men Collective is a group of fresh, multitalented emerging theatre and dance artists based in Austin and New York City, differing in race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and spirituality. The collective evolves project to project, crossbreeding different assemblages of talent and enthusiasm with each collaborative new work.


The artists of Frank Wo/Men Collective co-produce a multitude of forward-thinking pieces which are at times fervid, humorous, or idiosyncratic.


The work is underpinned with the collective’s shared values of social awareness, intersectional feminism, androgyny, body positivity, and life choice acceptances. From a clowning and Butoh-infused solo exploration and a squeaky toy glutes band to poignant duets, ballet, and opera, the Frank Wo/Men put forward risky work, no-holds-barred.


Loose Gravel, Frank Wo/Men Collective’s highly-received 2017 debut, was hailed by Fjord Review’s Jonelle Seitz as "Contemplative, skilled, inventive, and often hilarious.” Frank Benge of Broadway World deemed the evening “raw, edgy, and occasionally brilliant."


The Frank Wo/Men aim to:


  • Create, generate, and develop ideas, recognizing that novelty and innovation are fruits of risk-taking.


  • Harness the rawness of artistic impulse and the spontaneity of cross-discipline collaborations.


  • Connect with diverse communities and produce work that is socio-culturally attentive.

Wanna know who each of us are? Click here!

For videos, check out our YouTube channel

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