KELSEY OLIVER (Founder/Artistic Director)

Kelsey Oliver, an Austin native, is a freelance choreographer and performer in the digs for unapologetically experimental theatre, film, and concert dance. She received a B.F.A. in Dance in 2015, studying at the University of Texas at Austin and Le Centre National de Danse Contemporaine in Angers, France. 


Kelsey has choreographed for the Beijing Dance Festival, Cohen New Works Festival, Frontera Festival, Underbelly Theatre Company, UT New Theatre, University of Texas at Austin’s Dance Repertory Theatre, American College Dance Festival Gala, and has created much commercial and concert work within the United States and beyond.


She has performed in several productions and film pieces world wide, including work with The Rude Mechanicals, Magdalena Jarkowiec, The Theorists, dance theatre X, Body Shift, HELMUT Studio, Shape Agency, Years & Years, Capyac, Mother Falcon, Feathers, and numerous others. Kelsey has also been an adjudicator and dance instructor for studios and teams throughout Texas.


Kelsey is deeply motivated by uncomfortably adaptive situations and accessible collaborative processes. She's compelled by work that inches toward the absurd, cross-breeding multi-fielded and mixed-ability artists' curiosities. Her coveted trajectory includes immense travel and research into repurposing spaces.

photo credit: SWNG Productions

ALEXA CAPAREDA (PR and Marketing Director)

Alexa is a classically-trained contemporary dance artist centered on unaffected virtuosity, versatility, musicality and the earnest and playful. She trained in her native Philippines, Austin, and Montreal before joining Ballet Bratislava in Slovakia. She received 3rd prize at the 2013 Festival of Choreographic Miniatures in Serbia. 

Alexa is currently Rehearsal Assistant for Ballet Austin II, works with ARCOS Dance, Jennifer Hart's Performa/Dance, and Austin choreographers Magdalena Jarkowiec and Jennifer Sherburn.

Alexa holds a B.A. in English with a minor in Theatre and Dance from The University of Texas at Austin.

photo credit: Sarah Navarrete

ROBERTO DI DONATO (Assistant Artistic Director)

Roberto is based in Brooklyn, New York and an alumnus of The University of Texas at Austin.  While a student at UT Roberto was inspired from working alongside the former Tony Award winning "Theatre De La Jeune Lune" — now  The Moving Company, a Jaques Lecoq technique based physical opera-theatre company.


Roberto strives to create new, cutting-edge, theatrical pieces alongside extremely creative and physical artists.  After training under Christopher Bayes, Roberto seeks out the simple, the fun, and looks to discover the world through his new found curiosity and stupidity. Now, Roberto is assisting Virginia Scott in The Commedia Company, a weekly performance of Commedia in NYC.

Currently, Roberto is assistant director for the new outreach production company J. Jewell Productions based in NYC. He is directing a new play written by Bridge Coffman in Brooklyn this summer. Robert is a core member of the New York based troupe "Queer Scouts" a former Abrons Arts Center Resident. 

photo credit: Jenna Horn

CHRIS CONARD (Technical Director)

Chris is a Austin based artist, designer, carpenter, and scenic painter. He graduated from SFUAD in Santa Fe, NM with a BFA in Technical Theater design in 2014. Since graduation, Chris has focused on expanding his skill sets, talents and exploring the intrinsic connection between art and the viewer. He is interested in creating original work that challenges the viewer, the institutions of normality, and prospectives of reality.

Recently, Chris won Best Set Design in the 2017 Austin Critics Table Awards for his designs of The Totalitarians/The Drowning Girls.

Chris is currently pursuing his MFA in Design and Technology from The University of Texas at Austin.

Tiskettasket Collaborators
Joe Davis
Artistic Collaborator/Performer

Once lobbied his school cafeteria to change the “food pyramid” to include all of his favorite comfort foods: cheeseburger, chocolate milk shake, fries, popcorn, pizza, beer & wine.

A Chicago native, Joe Davis has traveled to over 55 countries in 6 continents (with only Antarctica remaining), often suspected by family & friends as either working as a spy or being in the federal witness protection program...or both!
Panda Landa
Artistic Collaborator/Performer

When they were a kid, Panda grew up on a ranch and used to eat things like lamb tails, Rocky mountain oysters, pig’s feet, and cow’s tongue.
Panda is a multi-media artist who is interested in breaking through traditional forms of art, by exploring the intersection of outsider art, film, movement, queerness, vulnerability and healing. Panda has a deep interest in play, space, observation, narrative, and identity.
Derek Kolluri

When Derek was a kid he loved bananas. As an adult he started to dislike them. He's starting to like them again, though.

Derek Kolluri is currently a freelance director, actor, and producer in Austin, TX. He was co-founder and artistic director for Theatre en Bloc for four seasons. Derek is driven by elegant theatrical events which are designed to hack the daily routine of human interaction and emotional experience to provoke active imagination.
Mario Ramirez
Artistic Collaborator/Performer

Food fact: Though he's lactose intolerant, Mario will never back down on some ice cream even though he knows how much he'll regret it later.

Mario Alberto Ramirez is a third year BFA Dance Studies Major at the University of Texas at Austin. His training comes from a wide array of practices from modern to Danza Azteca. He pursues a journey of truth and heart and hopes to break any xenophobic appetites with his work.
Aundre Wesley
Special Guest

Aundre’s first love was Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. As a teenager, he switched to mashed potatoes. As an adult, he enjoys chips, queso, and micheladas.

Aundre is drummer, singer songwriter, and a dancer in the Austin area. He is originally from Houston, Texas and is currently a student at UT Austin studying Linguistic Theory as it applies to Music Theory. As his life’s passion, he works on applying the fields of mathematics, human anatomy, philosophy, linguistics, and music theory.
Joe Cornelison
Film Collaborator

In his early youth, Joe spent an entire summer subsisting exclusively on Mountain Dew, cajun peanuts and pepper jack cheese.

Joe Cornelison is an Austin based filmmaker. He is passionate about using the medium of film as a way to explore immersive environments. In addition to directing, Joe works as a sound and production designer. He is currently completing his MFA thesis at UT Austin - a surrealist Werewolf film.
Kelsey Vidic
Co-Costume Curator

My favorite dessert is WHOLE milk with WHIP CREAM on top, but it actually is.
Born in Florida. Kelsey has an MFA in Costume Design from the University of Texas at Austin. Narrowing her degree expanded her path of artistry. Working with bodies, textiles and space opened doors to work with Intel Corporation and Santa Fe Opera, create installations and design for film and dance. She continues to use her eyes to listen and prefers the present moment.
E.L. Hohn
Co-Costume Curator

E.L. was once a professional baker for like a year, and she makes a mean coffee ice cream.
E.L. Hohn is a costume designer and dramaturg interested in new works, socially engaged theatre, and art that is fun. She likes Technicolor musicals, exploring ways of creating the creepy and uncanny for live performance, and clothing that reshapes, ungenders, and/or dehumanizes the body.
Josh Secor
Co-Stage Manager

He has a troubled past with honeydew, but he is working to bury the hatchet.

Josh Secor is a fourth year stage management and playwriting focus at the University of Texas at Austin. In his writing, he explores stagnation derived from peoples’ pasts and how people learn to move forward, and as a stage manager, he loves working on unpublished work and seeing how it changes over the rehearsal process. This constant fluidity and acceptance of change is why he loves art.
Jacob Caire
Cloudy or not there is always a chance of meatballs with Jacob.

Jacob Caire is from El Paso, Texas. He is currently studying psychology and theatre at University of Texas at Austin. He loves to create the worlds of plays in set design, and has recently grown to love painting. Though he focuses in set design, he loves to work in theatre in any aspect possible.
Nathan Patterson
Sound Engineer

In the summer of 2007, Nathan thoroughly consumed a catering-sized tray of chicken alfredo in order to get the attention of a really attractive girl (would likely do again).

Nathan Patterson is a manic adherent of instrumentalism, producer, project & stage manager, part time arborist and full time Sinatra understudy — indigenous to Central Texas, circa '89.
Chris Conard
Co-Producer/Technical Director/Lighting and Set Designer/Graphic Designer

Chris likes food.

(bio under Frank Wo/Men Co-Producers)
Kelsey Oliver
Co-Producer/Co-Director/Artistic Collaborator/Performer

Kelsey has participated in food eating contests since the age of 9. She prefers her marshmallows burnt.

(bio under Frank Wo/Men Co-Producers)
Alexa Capareda
Co-Producer/PR and Marketing Director/Food Gatherer/Artistic Collaborator/Performer

Alexa eats one whole cantaloupe a day and loves frozen grapes, even though eating them makes her very cold.

(bio under Frank Wo/Men Co-Producers)
Robert Di Donato
Co-Producer/Long-Distance Artistic Collaborator

To produce one pound of animal protein vs. one pound of soy protein, it takes about 12 times as much land, 13 times as much fossil fuel, and 15 times as much water.

(bio under Frank Wo/Men Co-Producers)
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Loose Gravel Collaborators 

Dannon O'Brien
Artistic Collaborator/Performer

Dannon O’Brien currently lives in New York City and in Spring 2016, received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance from Marymount Manhattan College. While in school, he discovered a passion for dance theatre and performance art, experimenting with irreverent, nonsensical material while creating work.

photo cred: Sarah Navarrete
Hunter Sturgis
Artistic Collaborator/Performer

Hunter Sturgis, born and raised in the Rio Grande Valley, is a fourth year BFA dance major at the University of Texas at Austin. Sturgis is infatuated with the abstract, the cerebral, and the unconventional. His eclectic interests in gender/sexuality, surrealism, and philosophy fuel his personal movement research. His choreographic works thus far ebb into a psychological realm of memory, dreams, and embodied histories.
Mario Ramirez
Artistic Collaborator/Performer

Mario Alberto Ramirez is a Dallas native who is currently a second year BFA Dance Studies major at The University of Texas at Austin. He is passionate about his culture and heritage, engaging in local and traveling advocacy for chicano and indigenous movements. His training comes from a wide array of practices from modern to Danza Azteca. He hopes to break barriers of tension and prejudgment by bringing awareness to multicultural connections and acceptances.
Erica Saucedo
Artistic Collaborator

Erica Saucedo graduated with a BFA in Dance from the University of Texas. She is currently collaborating with New York choreographers Johnnie Cruise Mercer\The RED project, Indah Walsh Dance Company, and Boink! Dance and Film. Erica practices the excavation of subconscious thought in an effort to surpass rationalism and access the unconscious mind.

photo cred: Scott Shaw
E.L. Hohn
Costume Curator

E.L. is a third year MFA candidate in Costume Design at UT Austin. She's interested in costumes that are clear, nuanced, stylized, and honest expressions of character, and in clothing that houses, reshapes, ungenders and/or dehumanizes the body in new and compelling ways. E.L. is also currently exploring the hows and whys of designing disquieting spaces and bodies for her thesis project, Visceral Design: Experiments in Creating the Uncanny for Live Performance.
Josh Secor
Stage Manager

Josh is a third-year B.A. in Theatre and Dance student with an emphasis in stage management and playwriting. In his writing, he likes exploring stagnation derived from peoples’ pasts, and how people learn to move forward and help other to learn. As a stage manager, he loves working on unpublished work and seeing how it changes over the rehearsal process. This constant fluidity and acceptance of change is why he loves art.

photo cred: Robert Di Donato
Community Engagement Collaborator

Cimone is an alumna of the University of Texas at Austin, where she studied various elements of performance in the College of Fine Arts. She bears a passion for word, rhythm and movement and currently serves as a member of the Afro-Caribbean Soul Collective, a community ensemble that promotes cultural arts of the Afro Diaspora and its modern-day evolutions. She hopes to further explore movement as meditation and arts wellness techniques.
Chris Conard
Co-Producer/Technical Director/Set and Lighting Designer/Graphic Designer

(bio under Frank Wo/Men Co-Producers)
Alexa Capareda
Co-Producer/PR and Marketing Director/Artistic Collaborator/Performer

(bio under Frank Wo/Men Co-Producers)

photo cred: Sarah Navarrete
Robert Di Donato
Co-Producer/Assistant Artistic Director/Performer

(bio under Frank Wo/Men Co-Producers)
Kelsey Oliver
Co-Producer/Artistic Director/Performer

(bio under Frank Wo/Men Co-Producers)

photo cred: Swng Productions
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